Business IT support in the Salisbury area

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Business IT support in the Salisbury area

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We'll never share your e-mail with anyone else.

We are an experienced team of IT support experts. We support business in and around the Salisbury area. Our goal is to offer all the benefits of an in house IT team without breaking the bank...

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IT support services for your business

IT Security

Headache free security

  • Improve network and desktop security
  • Recover from a breach
  • Install and maintain security software


We fix things

  • Custom built PCs
  • PC and server repairs
  • Peripherals


24/7 reliability

  • Server maintenance
  • Server installation
  • Server upgrades


We'll get you connected

  • E-mail setup
  • E-mail management
  • E-mail security


There when they break

  • Printer networking
  • Printer setup
  • Printer maintenance


Keeping your data safe

  • Data backup
  • Data recovery
  • Automation


Make the office great

  • Workstation design
  • Workstation setup
  • Workstation maintenance


Headache free software

  • Software advice
  • Software installation
  • Software updates


Offering industry leading support

  • Dedicated support line
  • Consultations
  • Rapid response

And much more

More reliability

We will make your systems more reliable by minimising downtime and giving you peace of mind.

Plan for the future

As your business grows, your network will have to grow with it. We have extensive knowledge and experience at future proofing IT systems based on your growth predictions.

Reduce Risk

Are you certain that if your system crashes that all of your data will be safe? We can help reduce the risks of data loss and data breaches. We will also work with you to increase your network security to fend off any unwanted snoopers.

Quick response

Got an emergency? We'll be there to help you set things right again.

Save Time

Do you find yourself spending lots of time fixing IT issues? Get that time back for more important things and let us sort your IT.

How we work with you to deliver outstanding IT support services

We know each business and individual is different. We listen carefully to your needs and budget, working hard to ensure the solution is perfect.

Why not give us a call and see what we can do for your business? Many support contracts do not include reviews or housekeeping, and we can help!

Over 25 Years of IT support experience!

Why you should consider using us for your IT support

We are able to offer detailed advice for new and existing systems. Our philosophy involves change for improvement, and not change for the sake of change.

For smaller problems, we are able to offer rapid support by remotely connecting to your PC in order to examine the problem without coming onsite.